“Through immense determination, the great minds of our planet have made impossible possible: discovering eternity. This ensures that the greatest of the human race will survive forever, and intellectuals from countless generations will be able to collaborate with one another, continuing and building upon the legacy and spirit of humanity long after the Earth is gone.”

These are the recorded transmissions from the colony Evermore, established within the event horizon of a blackhole. Once created with the intention of furthering humanity, it has now become a distorted and warped reality. Symbols which one stood for Singularity, Earth, Human, Future, and Intellect, as well as the flag that represented these ideals, have now become contorted and corrupted. A manifesto which once greeted brave volunteers now stands illegible, and the star map which guided them offers no direction.

Transmission 02

Transmission 03

Transmission 04

Transmission 05
Star Map

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