“Bold is beautiful. We truly believe that.

We also believe that every woman should have the confidence and freedom to express herself. Our clothing is designed with a variety of colors in each cut and style to encourage creative fashion exploration that represents each woman’s unique individuality. Because if you feel bold on the outside, you feel bold on the inside too.

When developing the EM-BOLD brand, the question was: what makes someone feel confident in their own skin? With clothing designed with a variety of colors in each cut and style to encourage creative fashion exploration, the goal was to represent each woman’s uniqueness. The name, concept, brand story, and visual identity all work together to create a representation of courage, boldness, and individuality.

The speech bubble logo represents the way the brand and clothing allows customers to speak about their own personality and self through EM-BOLD’s products. The letterforms are funky and unique, just like them. 

The various placement positions of the speech bubble’s tail allows for variation on application systems.

For the visual system, models wearing EM-BOLD clothing are collaged with various animals, all who are loud and powerful matriarchs in the animal kingdom. These models stand on colorful photographic backdrops showing various urban environments, yet these women always stand out and take center stage.

Repeated lines and shapes are a final visual element which add movement, and represent wavelengths of sound and the color blocking look of the clothing itself.

“To embolden is to give someone the courage and confidence they need to achieve greatness, and that’s exactly what the EM-BOLD brand aims to do for every woman.”

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